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Stormtrooper Replacement Armor - Helmet Decal Full Set

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Stormtrooper Replacement Armor - Helmet Decals

This is a full set of high quality printed vinyl decals to complete your helmet build including the following:

2 x Blue Tube Stripes

2 x 'Teardrop' Cheek

2 x Front Brow

2 x Upper Rear

Stormtrooper Replacement Armor Parts are created from moulds and may differ slightly from time to time. Not all parts will fit all makes of suits. Parts purchased are a perfect match for our Complete Stormtrooper Costume.

Please Note: We do not provide refunds on Armor Parts.

The Stormtrooper Shop says: We do not recommend you purchase armor parts with a view to building a complete suit. Replacement Armor Parts are created for that purpose only. We offer a number of cost effective ways to assist you in owning the perfect Stormtrooper Costume. For more information contact us here: Stormtrooper Costume Assistance.

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