STAR WARS COSTUMES: : Sandtrooper Replacement Armor - Front Abdominal Plate (Not Weathered)

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Sandtrooper Replacement Armor - Front Abdominal Plate (Not Weathered)

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Stormtrooper - A New Hope - Replacement Armor Parts

All Replacement Armor Parts are available in White (Stormtrooper) and Black (Shadowtrooper).

All armor parts are made from the same 2.5mm thick white plastic as used on the full costume. The individual armor part will be supplied trimmed and polished, ready to be strapped for your suit.

Stormtrooper Replacement Armor Parts are created from molds and may differ slightly from time to time. Not all parts will fit all makes of suits. Parts purchased are a perfect match for our Complete Stormtrooper Costume.

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