STAR WARS COSTUMES: : Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Sith Costume - Body Tunic with Replica Black Sith / Jedi Robe

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Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Sith Costume - Body Tunic with Replica Black Sith / Jedi Robe

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Please Note: The Jedi Leather Belt or Boots are not included in this costume package; they are available separately.

Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Sith Costume - Body Tunic with Replica Black Sith / Jedi Robe

We are proud to present to you the finest Anakin Skywalker Sith Costume available on the Internet....

This unique and original custom-made replica Anakin Skywalker Sith Costume is a perfect example, and is much more than a simple fancy dress costume.

This costume is supplied in 2 main parts:

1. The Replica Anakin Skywalker Jedi Robe

The Black Sith / Jedi Robe is designed in exactly the same design as worn by Anakin Skywalker in the later Star Wars films.

This Star Wars Sith / Jedi Robe has been created with excellent quality materials, which has a thick feeling to it and a nice weight.

The Jedi Robe design cut is perfect and when wearing it makes you feel no less than a Dark Jedi Knight.

Our Jedi Robes are available in one size, can be washed and ironed at home and make a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. This Robe is not recommended for customers under 5'7" in height.

The Robe measures 6' from the crown of the hood to the hem  and approximately 5' from shoulder to hem.

2. The Replica Anakin Skywalker Tunic

Broad shouldered with high collars, would make anyone feel like a Jedi or Sith. The outer jacket is made with crepe like surface fabric with inner lining for an authentic look and feel.

This Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Sith Costume has been created with excellent quality materials and is supplied in a number of parts:   

1) Inner Shirt - Dark grey color, cotton, high collar and long sleeved

2) Outer Jacket - Black in color, crepe like fabric crinkled surface, stretch polyester / cotton, self lined.

3) Shoulder Tabards - Black in color with a layer of cotton in between and secured to outer tunic with a button, made in synthetic leather

4) Waist Sash - Black in color, crepe fabric with crinkled surface, stretch polyester / cotton. Attached with Velcro.

5) Trousers - Jedi replica pants, Black in color with an elastic waist.

Custom replicas made to perfection,  a true Jedi outfit.

It's worth getting your DVDs out to check how this complete Jedi costume compares, it truly is a perfect replica.

Available in the following sizes: 

Sleeve Length
M 38-40 inches 26.5 inches
42-44 inches
27 inches
46-48 inches
27.5 inches