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Celebrate Star Wars Day 2017  04/25/2017

May the Fourth Be With You Yoda celebration

May the 4th is just around the corner and it's time to indulge your love of Star Wars for one whole day of the year. We've come up with some ideas to celebrate if you need a little inspiration...

A Star Wars movie marathon is always fun. Even better is to invite a bunch of friends around, dress up in your Star Wars costumes and make it a fancy dress party. Serve Star Wars themed snacks and everyone is going to feel the Force.

Take the plunge, make this the day you pop the question, and celebrate a Star Wars Day engagement...and then set the wedding date for next May The Fourth and have an anniversary to remember for life. Of course, for this one, dressing up in your Star Wars costume will mean the Force will be with you.

Get that Star Wars tattoo you have been eyeing for some time. Be brave, the Force will be with you.

Do something really wild, and wear your Star Wars costume to gym - your workout may have to be scaled down, but the Force will be with you and you can go out for a drink afterwards to celebrate.

Volunteer at your kid's school and show up in your Star Wars costume. You might want to get the OK on this one before arriving. Or use the Force and you should be fine.

Volunteer to read a Star Wars story at your local library. You guessed it, you will need to wear your Star Wars costume for this occasion...

Whatever you decide, we know that celebrating Star Wars Day is going to be fun. So don't miss out, BUY your Star Wars costume today from