STAR WARS COSTUMES: - Adam Driver to star in Super Bowl 2017

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Adam Driver to star in Super Bowl 2017  02/03/2017


The stage is set, kind of, and the curtains drawn for the world’s first live super bowl commercial.



Day 3 of our homage to Super Bowl commercials....

There are two kinds of people in this world.

One who watches the super bowl for the game and the other who watches it for the commercials. If you like those ads, listen up. For the first time ever, a company will run a live commercial during the big game.

Snickers is responsible for the buzzy ad that stars Adam Driver from  Star Wars.

The ad will also feature what the company calls other less famous actors. Snickers hasn’t said what the commercial will be about but did drop hints. There’s some kind of showdown, stunt horses, and a dead cowboy.

Lookout for this year’s ad during the third quarter, but if you can’t get enough, snickers will also have a 36-hour livestream from the commercial set. Featuring celeb appearances and social media personalities.

Credits: WWLP News, Hello World YouTube.

We are very excited here at for our home team to take home The Vince Lombardi Trophy. Can you guess who it is?