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Luke Skywalker Robe Five Star Reviews  01/17/2017

We love what we do at What better job is there than making fellow Star Wars fans' dreams come true?

This week we are sharing reviews from happy customers, starting with our Luke Skywalker Robe.

Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight robe from JediRobeAmerica

Check out what people are saying:

Audrey: It is so soft! Feels great, it's a little heavy but it gives it that 'look'. Really like it!

Rob: Arrived ahead of schedule, covers the hardest part of the costume to find, love it.

Time8th: The robe is a lot more snug than I was expecting, and I love it. Not too small, but not billowingly large either. The material feels nice and the hood fits over the head perfectly. If you're cosplaying Luke from Return of the Jedi, you will need this.

Samuel: Well made and fast shipping!

TheLilFury: Shipped on time, comfortable fit. Very different fabric from the Obi-Wan robe if you're looking at both.

RevanReborn: Great quality robe shipped fast :). Looks and feels like a real Jedi robe should- totally exceeded expectations.

At just $63.99 this is a steal.  The robe measures 6' from the crown of the hood to the hem, and about 5' from shoulder to hem. Hooded, without sleeves and secured at the neck with a button clasp, the dark brown knit fabric hangs beautifully, making you feel no less than a Jedi Knight.

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