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The Making of a Jedi  06/03/2016

Thank you to The Jedi Academy of North Florida for sending us their story. We love what they do and are happy to assist in their journey:

The Jedi Academy of North Florida is taking the South East by storm. From local birthday parties to parades at DragonCon and so much more, the JANF has been engulfing the scene one appearance at a time.

The birth of the JANF is a bittersweet story of one mans dream to make a difference in his community while embracing his love for the Star Wars franchise.

Grandmaster Will was involved in an accident that left him incapacitated and restricted to a bed while his body recovered. The doctors were reluctant to give any hopes of him walking again, but that did not deter his determination to not only walk, but to be the catalyst that sparked the fire inside to take the first steps in his dream.

Yoda, a famous Grandmaster once stated: Do or do not, there is no try - and Grandmaster Will took this to heart.

In March of 2012, he brought in his son, Master Artemis, his daughter, Master Nia, and Master Jer Brack; and together they brainstormed ideas on how to bring a Real Jedi Academy to life.

Jedi Academy of North Florida


Of course, in this day and age, a good starting point was Google. Grandmaster Will searched countless sites for ideas and inspiration and the road led him to Jedi Robe America. Of course, to begin, one needs the proper attire, so the founding four purchased several variants of the Jedi Robes based on the franchises characters: Mace Windu, Plo Kiin, Obi Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker.

Once the packages arrived, it was evident by pure joy on their faces that they were finished with the next steps of the journey.

A Jedis attire is one of the most iconic pieces of the Star Wars Universe. Not many will see the famous brown cloak without cracking a smile or knowing exactly who or what you are portraying.

As the JANF grew, the founding four suggested Jedi Robe America to all new members and the orders began to flow like the Force itself. More than 20 members, ranging from ages 14-47, have donned their tabards, belts, and robes and took stage.

JANF Jedi Acadmey of North Florida


The material used for the attire allows free movement and durability in the demonstrations of duels and form trajectories displayed by the members of JANF. This was a selling point as the group grew and tested several variants of the attire, and pushed Grandmaster Will to adopt Jedi Robe America as the go-to for all new initiates.

Whether you are interested in joining JANF or wanting to take your Star Wars cosplay to the next level, JANF will always suggest Jedi Robe America.

By Feanix Poole

At Jedi Robe America we love what we do and we are always excited to share that love with fellow fans. Find our full range of replica Star Wars costumes by clicking HERE and visiting today.