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Son of Dathomir Issue #1  03/27/2014




The highly anticipated Star Wars: The Clone Wars follow up comic Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir will be hitting shelves on May 21st, according to the Dark Horse Solicitations for May 2014. 

The four issue miniseries picks up after the events of season 5 of The Clone Wars and will continue the Darth Maul story arc. 

The series is based off of scripts for the sixth season of The Clone Wars that weren't produced due to the series "winding down"/cancellation (you can catch the stories from Season 6 that were finished starting March 7th on Netflix).

Below is the Dark Horse Solicitation for Issue #1,

Uncover the Truth of Darth Maul's Return.
Star Wars: Darth Maul—Son of Dathomir #1 (of 4)
Jeremy Barlow (W), Juan Frigeri (P), Mauro Vargas (I), Wes Dzioba (C), and Chris Scalf (Cover)
On sale May 21
FC, 40 pages
Getting cut in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi and being rejected by his former Sith master Darth Sidious isn't going to defeat Darth Maul. In fact, it only makes him mad enough to take on the galaxy—with an army of Mandalorians!
A part of The Clone Wars season 6 you never saw!
• Based on unaired episodes of The Clone Wars television series!

Source: Comic Book Resources

By: Dominic Jones at starwarsunderworld

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