STAR WARS COSTUMES: - Clone Wars fans get Season 6

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Clone Wars fans get Season 6  02/25/2014 loves this news just in from MTV - way to go Netflix:
At the end of the fifth season of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," fans were left hanging.

They knew another series of episodes had been produced featuring adventures that take place between "Star Wars: Episode II" and "Star Wars: Episode III," but as far as they knew there was no plan to release them.

Then came news that Netflix would broadcast the missing season as "Star Wars: The Clone Wars — The Lost Missions" starting on March 7. And now, finally, we've gotten our first good look at what to expect from season six with (a) nearly three-minute-long trailer.

Relying heavily on traditional John Williams music, the trailer focuses nearly entirely on diminutive Jedi Yoda. Of most note, not only will we getting to see Luke Skywalker's future trainer on the planet Dagobah (known well to viewers of "The Empire Strikes Back"), but we'll see him travel to the evil Sith home world.

Though "Star Wars" continuity looks to take a bit of a corrective turn with J.J. Abrams' "Episode VII," this series — at least for the time being — is still in continuity.
And with the public in a fervor over any news about upcoming "Star Wars" properties, it looks like "SW:TCW:TLM" will scratch that itch with a lightsaber while we wait.
Credit: MTV Alex Zalben