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Star Wars Rebels Reminiscent of Original Trilogy  02/20/2014



MTV reports the latest Star Wars Rebels news this week:

"Star Wars Rebels" is the first major joint effort between Lucasfilm and Disney, and we've just started to get a better idea of what the animated series, which takes place between the two trilogies, will look like when it premieres in the fall.

Two new promos for the Disney XD series offer glimpses into the worlds of "Rebels," including the recently announced younger hero of the show, Ezra, a con artist who begins to show signs of Force abilities.

The footage, while styled similarly to the prequel series "Clone Wars," "Rebels" bears more of a resemblance to the images from the original trilogy.

Ezra finds the wreckage of a TIE fighter. There are Imperial walkers. It's everything that you'd expect from the missing middle chapters of the "Star Wars" universe, and that's a good thing.

There have also been a series of character vignettes (via IGN) that explain who our heroes, including Ezra and the Chewbacca-like Zeb, are.

Combined with last week's details of Kanan, who is pretty much a Jedi-version of Han Solo, "Star Wars Rebels" is shaping up to be a story very much in the vein of what people missed about the original movies.

We'll have to wait and see what Lucasfilm and Disney has in store for us when "Star Wars Rebels" premieres this fall with an hour-long special event, set to air on Disney, before the regular series starts on Disney XD.

Credit: Kevin P. Sullivan

We think the direction Star Wars Rebels appears to be taking is awesome. In the meantime, don't forget to visit us at for all your Star Wars Costume needs.