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Star Wars Rebels Eagerly Anticipated  02/12/2014

With the premiere of Star Wars VII still many months away, and any real news on production very scarce and patchy, we are turning our attention to the more immediate excitement of the Star Wars Rebels launch this fall.

Disney Channel will kick off Star Wars Rebels with a one hour special followed by the animated series to be aired on Disney XD. Viewers will be taken back to the Rebellion's early days between Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

In Rebels, the Rebel Alliance will finally have a Star Wars origin story. Viewers will meet the sinister Inquisitor on his mission to eradicate the last remaining Jedi.

Executive producer Simon Kinberg confirms that the new Star Wars approach is a focus on character and humanity rather than effects and techonology. Does this mean audiences can look forward to an experience more in line with the original trilogy?

According to Kinberg, "For an audience who maybe didn't grow up with it the way we grew up with it, (we're) trying to give them the same experience that we had when we saw Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back for the first time in movie theaters: Blow their mind and immerse them in a way that they become lifetime Star Wars fans."


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