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The Perfect Father's Day Gift  06/05/2013


Empire and Jedi bathrobes from JediRobeAmerica

June 16th is Father's Day and it's just around the corner.

So if you were wondering just what to give the special dad in your life, our Star Wars Bathrobes are the perfect Father's Day gift at

Our Star Wars Bathrobes are made from luxurious 100% cotton velour and feature a large hood, front pockets, and wide sleeves for added comfort. They are available in two styles: the Galactic Empire Adult Bathrobe in black and the Jedi Adult Bathrobe in brown. 

For the Sith Lord or Imperial Officer dad, chasing rebel scum around the Galaxy can be tiring work. The Galactic Empire Bathrobe is the ideal gift if he needs to unwind after a long day.

For the Jedi dad, whether he has been fighting Sith Lords on Tatooine or riding Tauntauns on Hoth, one thing is certain, he is going to need a shower afterwards. And this Jedi Bathrobe is perfect for keeping him warm and comfortable when he is done.

Order your Star Wars Bathrobe today and surprise your Dad with the best Father's Day gift ever. He won't be disappointed.

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