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Who's scruffy looking?  05/22/2013


Star Wars Han Solo Costumes from JediRobeAmerica

At we are proud to present to you the finest replica Star Wars Han Solo costumes.

Our Han Solo Replica Costumes are available in three distinctive styles, each representing one of the original Star Wars Trilogy Films.

Our Star Wars Han Solo Costume, A New Hope Replica features navy blue trousers with red strap detailing down the sides, a black sleeveless vest with pockets and a white long sleeved shirt with an open neck and collar. This unique and original costume is a perfect example of the style worn by Han Solo in "Star Wars, A New Hope".

For the Star Wars Han Solo Costume, Empire Strikes Back Replica the brown trousers have yellow strap detailing, and the navy blue jacket features long sleeves. It is paired with an open necked, white shirt with long sleeves. This costume is exactly the same style as Han Solo's costume in "Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back". This is the perfect costume if you live on chilly Hoth.

In the Star Wars Han Solo Costume, Return of the Jedi Replica the brown and yellow trousers are combined with a navy pocketed vest and open necked white shirt. Once again, this costume is exactly the style worn by Han Solo in the "Star Wars, Return of the Jedi" film.

Our Star Wars Han Solo Replica Costumes come in Medium, Large and Extra Large. Measurements for the sizes are available under the product descriptions on our website.

We also have the best Star Wars Han Solo Belt and Holster Replica. This solidly built belt has excellent detailing and is exactly as worn in the films. The Han Solo Belt and Holster Replica provide the perfect accessory for your Han Solo Costume.

To finish off your Han Solo Costume, our Star Wars Jedi Boots in Color Black are perfect. These boots are fantastic quality and great value. They are made from a tough leatherette, knee high and zipped with full padding throughout. The sole is made from a thick durable rubber.

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