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Stormtrooper Voice Amplification Unit

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Product code:JR 2579

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Stormtrooper Voice Amplification Unit

If you are trooping or at a party you will want people around you to be able to hear you.

There are a number of different units on the market and for the price this one does the job very well.

This product consists of a headset, which comfortably sits around your ears, with a flexible microphone attachment.

Also included is the Stormtrooper Voice Amplification Unit, which can be fitted by pinning it to your Stormtrooper Bodysuit underneath your Chest Plate, using the supplied Safety Pin.

The Unit is also supplied with a Belt Clip.

This unit requires a 9V battery, which can be re-chargeable.

This is an amplification unit and not a voice changer. What makes this unit effective is the sharp tinny like sound it produces, very similar to a Stormtrooper voice.

Enjoy and remember: These are not the Droids we are looking for....