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Star Wars Lightsaber - Luke Skywalker Replica - EP6 - NeoPixel

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Star Wars Lightsaber - Luke Skywalker Replica - EP6 - NeoPixel

The hilt consists of a polished chrome finish with a sturdy copper neck. It features an activation box with red and green arrows as seen in EP6 Return of the Jedi. Finally, it's fitted with a triangle ring, perfect for assembling your lightsaber to your jedi belt.

We offer you a pixel technology blade, offering the highest of quality for lighting, sound and effects.

Included is a acrylic lightsaber stand, perfect for display.


Lightsaber Features

- Removable Blade

- Smooth Swing

- Blaster Block

- Flash on Clash

- Multiple Character Sounds

- Multiple Blade Effects

What You'll Recieve

- Replica Lightsaber

- Acrylic Lightsaber Stand

- Attachable Blade

- Lightsaber Charger

- Instruction Manual

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