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Star Wars Celebration Orlando Cosplay Contest  08/12/2016

The Star Wars Celebration Cosplay Contest is back next year in Orlando. Check out all the details on how to enter from the event organizers:

Have you spent the past year perfecting your Ahsoka Tano makeup? Or have you instead put this time into making certain your Kylo Ren lightsaber can ::spoiler alert::? Either way, Star Wars costumers both veteran and amateur are invited to join in an exciting Cosplay Contest on stage at Star Wars Celebration Orlando! It is more than just a competition - it's a celebration of all things cosplay with fans who want to share their craft with the world.

The cosplay contest will be take place on Saturday, April 15 in the mid afternoon or later. Participation in the cosplay contest is free, but all participants must have a valid entry badge for that day of Celebration in order to compete. The exact time of the Cosplay Competition will be announced later.

Join us for what is sure to be a fun-filled competition celebrating the talent, skill and determination of the best cosplayers around.

How it works:

All entries must represent a character or element from the Star Wars universe.

Each entrant will submit an application to be reviewed by the SWCO team. Entrants may only enter one costume into the competition.

Submit your online application for the Star Wars Celebration Orlando cosplay contest by visiting the Star Wars Celebration website HERE. Submissions will close on Friday, March 3, 2017 at 11:59PM EST.

Credit: Star Wars Celebration

So whether you are a serious cosplayer, or just want to live out your Star Wars dreams by dressing as your favorite Jedi or Sith, Star Wars Celebration Orlando is the perfect opportunity.

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