STAR WARS COSTUMES: - Stormtrooper Costume Fitting Instructions


Stormtrooper Costume Fitting Instructions

Stormtrooper Armour and Accessories Basic Kitting-up Order

Firstly, lay out the Stormtrooper parts on a clean surface.
Check your Stormtrooper costume parts off the checklist supplied.


• Remove Head Brace from Helmet and adjust to fit your head comfortably.

• Replace the Head Brace inside the Helmet.

• Place the side edges of the Head Brace under the ledges inside the Helmet.

• To fit Helmet: – turn Helmet slightly left, place over head and adjust Helmet to face forward.


• Put on your Black Bodysuit and Neck Seal and tuck Neck Seal apron under bodysuit.

• Put on your Ankle Boots.

• Fit Left and Right Calf Armour and adjust Velcro at the rear. Position Calf Armour as low as possible over Ankle Boots.

• Fit Left and Right Thigh Armour and adjust Velcro to fit.

• Fit Abdominal Plate and Rear Bottom Plate with cross-over Velcro straps over shoulders and adjust Velcro crotch strap to fit.

• Attach Left and Right Thigh Armour Velcro straps to Velcro pads inside Front Abdominal Plate.

• Attach Chest Plate to Upper Back Plate with Left and Right Shoulder Straps and place over head.  Attach side Velcro straps and adjust for comfort.

• Fit E11 Blaster Holster to Canvas Belt left hand-side and secure belt around waist over the Rear Bottom Plate.

• Fit Thermal Detonator Canister on the Canvas Belt with Velcro loop supplied.

• Attach Bicep Armour to Left and Right Shoulder Bells – Fit Biceps and attach Velcro straps on each Shoulder Bell to Velcro pads under each Shoulder Strap – Adjust for comfort.

• Fit Gloves with attached Left and Right Hand Armour

• Fit Left and Right Forearm Armour.

• Fit Helmet on head and adjust for best vision.

Cleaning and Storage

• We recommend Baby Wipes to keep your Armour and Boots clean. Your Lycra Bodysuit can be washed in a washing machine.

• Store Stormtrooper Armour Costume in a cool, dry place. Do not store your costume in direct sunlight or close to a hot radiator.